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Interview Tips

Before interview

1. Have you checked the website? – The client will want to know that you have looked at the website and shown an interest in their company.

2. Have you looked at the job description and duties of the role? – Comparing the key duties of the role to your CV is what the client will be doing so thinking of as many work examples as possible as this will help you demonstrate a good fit.

3. Have you thought about the type of questions they are going to ask you? – Going through possible answers prior to the interview as this will give you confidence and will be seen in your body language.

4. Are you ready to demonstrate your people skills? – Being on time, looking smartly dressed and having good eye contact in the interview all demonstrates a keen interest that you want the job.

5. Does the client know you want the position? – At the end of every interview you should inform the client you are interested and also highlight why. This gives them a clear indication that you would like the position and also allows them to provide you with feedback.

At the end of every interview always call your Penguin Recruitment contact to provide them with detailed interview feedback. Not only will the client want to know your thoughts but it will also help us control the recruitment process and increases your chances of getting the job.

During interview

Take a pen and pad with you - Taking notes in the interview is OK and it shows you are taking your next career step seriously.

Have questions to ask - Having around 6 questions to ask in an interview will create good talking points. The client may cover a number of them, but it will still show you have prepared in advance and this will impress them.

Don't forget to close – We have already mentioned this, but find out about the next stage of the interview process. This will help you and your Recruitment Consultant manage your hunt for a new job effectively.

Sending an email - If a client is interviewing a number of applicants, then an email after the interview from you thanking them for their time and highlighting why you are interested in the post will mean you leave a lasting impression.

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