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Whatever your position or circumstance you need the reassurance that your CV is in the hands of a recruitment professional who knows and understands your job sector.


Send us your CV

When you send your CV to Penguin we will first give you an honest appraisal of whether your CV does you justice. Where necessary we will give advice how to improve the content and presentation.

Offer Guidance

We will offer you guidance regarding the salaries available in the market and what you might realistically expect.


We will advise you which companies are recruiting at that moment, and also which ones may do in the near future.

Deliver your CV

Following your approval we will make sure that your CV is put on the desk of the decision maker at your chosen target company’s.

Call the company

We will call each client on your behalf and ascertain their response to your application.

Interview Etiquette

Prior to any interview we will offer advice and guidance on interview etiquette and what to expect of each individual employer.

Interview Feedback

Post interview we will again gain feedback and pass on all advice and at times criticism to maximise your success rates at future interviews.

Best package

We will assist you in negotiating the best package available.

Further information

If you would like to know who we place, please see our latest placement bulletin board.

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